The claim that I have bad taste and faith in the work I create is perception. It’s the way I see things for myself, it is a soothing tagline that makes my career more pleasant for myself, even when I have doubts and downsides. The taste is vital to be unique and having faith is the core for the success.

Working professionally for 3 years in Hull and East Yorkshire and have gained some respectable client list and I am always seeking for more diverse work experience.

My usual clients include areas of creative commercial, marketing, health care, portraits, weddings, social, comedy, events, festivals and so on…

Aside from my professional practice I use the medium to explore my roots and heritage. Being Latvian born I have the privilege to have a multicultural vision and understanding. Photographic series Home Glory and End of Life works as a bridge between two countries, between two personalities.


Studied BA Photography in Hull School of Art&Design, graduated with First Class Honours and thanks to wonderful and tough three years I consider myself to be a smarty pants in photography.

In the last years I have discovered the need to talk about my photos. Writing a blog gives pressure free platform to have a voice. Originally it started as method of an exploration, but in the year of 2017 when Hull became UK City of Culture and I took on a weekly photographic challenge, writing became a big part of the work. I continued in 2018 and writing is still part of my practice.

Self-exploration and career building is hard to combine sometimes and whilst successfully building a client base I want to remain true to myself and own my “bad taste”.

My early inspirations of kitsch, the man-made “ugly truth” and photographers like Martin Parr and Peter Dench started my self-understanding. I admire the bold approach and that has given me a courage to own my vision and instinct when I create work. I also have learned to love sentiment and own each photograph as dead moment that can be re-visited time and time again to seek comfort and conclusion.

My hobbies are sleep, nana naps, cats and travel, which goes hand in hand with my work.



  1. Hello. My name is Dean Hood. I am 51, married with two sons and live in Barton upon Humber.

    I was born and bred in hull and always read the hull daily mail. It is 10:11 pm on a Wednesday night I and I have just read your article.

    I think it is a brilliant idea. My father died over 6 years ago and we had a fantastic, funny, personal and dignified send off for him. However it would have been nice to have some pictures to capture the day for my mum, me , my sister and two brothers to cherish.

    If I was to die I would give you my blessing to do what you seem to do well.

    Kind regards

    Dean C Hood
    07805 791067

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    • Thank you for sharing your story and for the support. I believe that funerals, as sad occasion as it is, can be photographed beautifully and continue to pay tributes to the loved one. Your comment proves just that. Thank you
      anete sooda


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